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Aubin Industries NEW 30K Swivel-EAZ® PROSD ‘Super Duty’ Casters

January 1, 2017

Aubin Industries would like to introduce the NEW patented Swivel-EAZ® PROSD, Super Duty caster. The Swivel-EAZ® PROSD brings the patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO dual swivel action to extreme load environments. This caster system has been rated and certified up to 30,000 lbs. per caster (20,000 lbs. per ANSI Standard ANSI ICWM:2012 SECTION 4.9) with its patented and […]

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Aubin Industries Inc. Introduces the Swivel-EAZ® OPTI-Guard

June 8, 2016

Aubin Industries Inc, introduces the NEW Swivel-EAZ® OPTI-Guard caster toe guard (patent pending) designed to increase visibility so your employees see it coming. The Aubin caster toe guard not only protects feet, but because of its bright orange color, it is noticeably visible so you can move before the caster reaches you. The Swivel-EAZ® OPTI-Guard: […]

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Aubin Industries Inc Introduces The New Swivel-EAZ® S3

September 15, 2015

Tracy, Calif. Over the last few years Aubin Industries Inc. has been attending Ergonomic and Material Handling trade shows. There have been many customers that have voiced the need for ergonomic improvement, along with longevity of service life in facilities with heavy wash down and clean room environments. The Swivel-EAZ® S3 is the solution. As […]

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Aubin Industries Inc. Sells Anti-Static Wheels

January 25, 2010

Tracy, Calif. Aubin Industries Inc produces an “Anti-Static” wheel product. This means that our wheel will not produce static charge during operation. ESD wheels represent an “Electro Static Discharge” wheel, or in other words “conductive” wheels, which we do not produce. We have supplied our “Anti-Static” product to different electronic companies who have tested these […]

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