Custom Wheel Colors
Custom Wheel Colors


Aubin Industries, Inc. in our efforts to be ever expanding and innovating we are introducing custom colors to our product lines. Due to the growing popularity of Swivel-EAZ® wheels, we have received a growing number of requests for custom colors. In order to better serve our customers we are now offering our all of our products including our patented Swivel-EAZ® wheels in custom colors. When speaking to our customers we learned that especially in the entertainment industry, but also in many other industries color customization is important. We are excited to be expanding our custom color options. If you or your customer have a brand color or just a color preference we can help you dazzle them with our vibrant custom color palette.

* Requirements and restrictions apply, see “Customization Details” below

Custom Wheel Colors


Use custom colors to go beyond the default palette and add an inspiring touch to your material handling units! We utilize the most current technology available, giving us manufacturing flexibility which is not common in our industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allows us to provide our customers with the highest-quality products in unique configurations. While some of our durometers have a slight yellow base which can affect certain colors, we find our 75D products give the closest match to requested colors. Neon effect* is only available in 75D, though you can request those colors in any durometer. We offer purchase samples so you can see how the color will react with your selected durometer.

*Neon effect will only be achieved in 75D durometer, other durometers will produce the same color family in a non-neon palette. We recommend sampling neon colors when using another durometer before placing an order.

Abstract rainbow color splash set


·      Black ·      Neon Green
·      Blue ·      Neon Pink
·      Copper ·      Orange
·      Dark Green ·      Purple
·      Green ·      Red
·      Light Blue ·      White
·      Light Grey ·      Yellow


Custom Wheel Colors


Custom Colors incur a one-time fee. Once your color is in our database, that color will have its own dedicated part number where you can reorder at any time without sending samples or repaying the custom fee. Aubin will maintain one to two pieces from the original color run to guarantee that each production run produces the same color, we do this to give our customers confidence that each separate run will match. This fee generally starts at $175, but some specialty situations can cost $400 or more. Note that we generally waive the Custom Color Fees when purchases exceed a certain threshold. See below for some basic restrictions that apply to custom color orders.

Custom Color Order Restrictions:

  • All custom colors will require order quantity minimums to be met with each consecutive purchase order
  • Minimum product runs:
    • 200 for Swivel-EAZ® wheels
    • 300 for all other products
  • Aubin Industries, Inc. does not offer exact color matching
    • 75D durometer will offer the closest color match
Custom Wheel Colors



Please contact us for more information on how to get your custom color created. Aubin already has a large color catalog that you can choose from to help shorten lead times and reduce additional custom color costs. Once we have established what color you are looking for we give you specifics about production run minimums and any additional requirements and/or restrictions that may apply.

Not sure what you need? Please contact us at or check out our Product Portal where you can look at our different products, download spec sheets, request 3D models and drawings, and also get recommendations based on your specific requirements.



Custom Wheel Colors