A caliper measuring a bearing on top of a diagram



Here at Aubin, we are problem solvers and we work together to design and manufacture precision products. We take pride in our quality of workmanship. We are motivated to manufacture you a precision product to help you build a better work environment for your employees.

Aubin offers a wide variety of customization options to give our customers everything they need for their unique mobility system. Whether our customer needs keyways or set screws for drive wheels or special tread color for a display unit, Aubin offers it all. We have a wide variety of caster options as well swivel locks, Swivel-EAZ® OPTI-Guard toe guards, spring load casters, and so much more! If you have a system that requires specific dimensions, we can help build your unique part with the longest operational life and fits perfectly into your system. If you have a drawing, we can match your needed dimensions and requirements, just send it over and watch the process unfold. Aubin will not copy a product we will improve on the current product with optimal materials so you will always get superior products.

Aubin Industries is dedicated to solving your problems, by partnering with our customers and not just selling to our customers, we develop a long-term relationship and design advanced products before problems arise. Aubin strives to create a unique and effective solution to your individual and specialized problem. We solve problems by encouraging and increasing communications and two-way input. We understand that every customer has their own unique environments and requirements, we want to learn about your needs so we can create a solution that will give you the best ergonomic results and longest operational life.

Through interactive communication we can explore all the possible scenarios that could affect performance. Using that exploration of information, we can enhance your current products and help your business to thrive.