Group of grey and blue u groove wheels
Group of grey and blue u groove wheels


“U” Groove wheels are a versatile type of wheel often used with pipes, doors, and gates. They feature a groove around the diameter of the wheel that helps them grab onto pipes and tracks for a predefined path. “U” Groove wheels from Aubin Industries, Inc. are built with  and can be built with custom designs for any application. They are a powerful addition to many different types of equipment that need to boost ease of use and create a smoother rolling surface for guided tracks.

Our “U” Groove wheels are made in the USA and come in a wide range of sizes. If we do not already have the right one for your application, our design specialists can help create it.

Several stacks of metal rods laying on concrete


Our “U” Groove caster wheels deliver many different benefits to help create equipment that can move smoothly over guided tracks with little to no vibration while also providing quiet rolling. “U” groove wheels are ideal for camera dollies. The precise, specific construction of our “U” Groove wheels offers:

  • Options for stainless steel bearings: Many environments, such as food processing plants and outdoor facilities, need equipment that can be washed down without rusting or losing functionality. We can use stainless steel bearings in our “U” Groove wheels for wash-down safe equipment.
  • Solid polyurethane: “U” Groove wheels feature polyurethane — a durable material that helps create a smooth roll on your specific track with fewer snags.
  • Precision-machined designs: Aubin has a wide variety of standard “U” grooves that can be designed into your system. We also can manufacture our “U” Groove wheels based on your drawings and specifications, so they fit tracks precisely for a better grip. 
Two u-groove wheels under an outdoor gate


Many different industries use “U” Groove wheels for equipment solutions. Some of the more common applications include:


  • Guide and Tracking Wheels
  • Industries include: AGV’s, Automatic Gate Systems, Camera Dollies
  • Precision Bearings and Top Hat Spanners
  • Also Available with Stainless Steel Components
  • Wash Down Safe
  • Available in Other Colors

Typically, our “U” Groove wheels are used in applications that prioritize smooth rolling with less noise. Camera systems, for instance, are heavy and can be challenging for operators to move. A “U” Groove wheel attached to the dolly system can make it much easier to move the camera without excess noise and vibration that could disrupt shooting. 

Another example is automatic gate systems, which need accurately sized wheels for dependable operations. Our precision-machined “U” Groove wheels fit securely in the gate’s tracks to minimize problems.

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We carry a wide range of sizes and configurations of our “U” Groove caster wheels and can also customize your product if you do not see the necessary size or unit weight listed. We can create specific sizes unique to your design and deliver features such as wash-down safety and outdoor applications through stainless steel bearings for more versatile use.

When creating our custom solutions, we ask you to submit a drawing with the needed dimensions so we can better fit our “U” Groove wheels to the application. Even if you do not have a drawing, please give us a call, and our design specialists will help you determine the right wheel. Having the correct groove in your wheels to match your track helps to guarantee that the wheels are riding properly and not wearing in the wrong places so the wheels will last longer and give you better rollability.


Aubin Industries, Inc. has been providing ergonomic improvements to a wide range of industries for years through products such as our “U” Groove wheels. Reach out to us at 1-800-324-0051 or submit a design contact form to start discussing your needs with a specialist.