Talc and Asbestos Free

Declaration of Aubin Industries Inc. Non-Use of Talc and Asbestos  Policy Statement 

Statement Issue Date: January 28, 2021 

Products Covered:  

All Products manufactured by Aubin Industries, Inc. unless the product is  specifically stated otherwise 

Note: This is a General Statement – please contact Aubin Industries, Inc. if you require a product specific (  by Part Number) declaration 

Through our own investigations and information obtained from our suppliers, we are confident that the materials used in the manufacturing of our components, do not contain Talc or  Asbestos. Aubin Industries raw materials suppliers assure that their products do not contain these materials:  

  • Talc 
  • Asbestos 

Aubin Industries, Inc. hereby confirms that asbestos materials are not utilized in any product,  assembly or sub-assembly sold by Aubin Industries, Inc.