February 15, 2022

Aubin Industries Products are Made in the USA
Aubin Industries, Inc. products are all USA manufactured goods. Aubin Industries, Inc. is a certified Disabled Veteran Small Business, 100% US manufacturer of industrial casters and wheels with the main manufacturing facility located in Tracy, CA.

Why should you buy American-made products?
When you buy American-made products you are providing jobs for future generations and promoting American independence. It is also better for the environment, and it boosts American investment opportunities. Another great reason for buying American-made products is that you are guaranteed quality of goods and safer fair working conditions with higher labor standards. Businesses that have outsourced their manufacturing plants rarely return to the US, when American-made products aren’t purchased, this is what happens, and that avenue of potential business has vanished. The US must try to avoid outsourcing so that we can strengthen our economic standing domestically, while eliminating our reliance on foreign products. Many of the countries around the world that produce cheap goods also have much lower product safety standards, when you buy American-made products you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place. We here at Aubin Industries are proud that all our casters and wheels are manufactured in the USA.

US Manufacturing Content Declaration, and USMCA Compliances
Aubin Industries, Inc. meets the requirements of USMCA, and certificates are available when required. Our Raw materials such as aluminum, steel, and urethanes are also sourced from US manufacturers and recycled materials are used when possible.

If there is a contractual need for any certification on a particular part, please contact us for that with specifics. It is to be noted that all Aubin Industries, Inc. parts can be deemed made in the USA as only negligible assembly parts are outsourced.

What is the percentage of US made in these products?
The range of US content is typically estimated at 99.9% in all products. Please bear in mind that the supply chain changes, and raw materials are controlled by metal billet makers and scrap markets and at some point, it is beyond any rational tracking capability. Some of our sealed bearings come complete from USA Free Trade Agreements trading partners in Asia and other parts of the world. They are the only components of our products that are not US made. The monetary content of non-USA content is the minor portion.

Thank you for your faith and support of American made products.