Two Swivel-EAZ® PROSD casters from Aubin Industries, Inc.



January 1, 2017

Aubin Industries would like to introduce the NEW patented Swivel-EAZ® PROSD, Super Duty caster. The Swivel-EAZ® PROSD brings the patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO dual swivel action to extreme load environments. This caster system has been rated and certified up to 30,000 lbs. per caster (20,000 lbs. per ANSI Standard ANSI ICWM:2012 SECTION 4.9) with its patented and patent pending design features it eliminates opposing forces that interfere with the efficient movement and positioning of heavy loads.

The Swivel-EAZ® PROSD allows the operator to determine the direction of the load without interference from the casters. In the past, using old single raceway casters, the caster would determine where the move operator would go with the load. New controlled steering and more secure load transfer helps reduce the time required to install large pieces of equipment for more efficient production. The Swivel-EAZ® PROSD allows for reduced resistance for ease of movement and comes with the added bonus of reduced wear, eliminating the cost of constant replacements.

The Swivel-EAZ® PROSD deliver breakthrough performance and the following benefits:

  • 30K per Caster
  • Independent Omnidirectional Motion
  • 3 Axis System for Ease of Motion
  • Multiple Options Available
  • Controlled Steering
  • 100% Maintenance Free (24/7 Capability)
  • Untouchable Push/Pull Results
  • Load Security
  • Ergonomically Superior
  • Maximized Service Life
  • Reduced Replacement Costs
  • Made in the USA
  • Swivel-EAZ® Wheel U.S. PAT. 6,880,203 CAN. PAT. 2,453,036
  • Swivel-EAZ® PRO Caster U.S. PAT. 8,387,209 B2 CAN. PAT. pending

About Aubin Industries Inc
Established in 1994. Aubin Industries is a manufacturer of ergonomic wheels and casters. Our patented products and innovative technology has positioned Aubin Industries as the leader of groundbreaking ergonomic solutions for manual and assisted mobile systems. Through individualized problem solving we are able to design specialized solutions to fit your needs.