November 1, 2023

The founder of Aubin Industries, Inc., CEO Philip Aubin, announced he will retire beginning November 2023.

Since Aubin Industries, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Philip Aubin, the company has grown immensely, and become a leader in the field of material movement. Founder Mr. Philip Aubin commented following his retirement announcement saying, “I dedicated my life to improving the material movement industry, specifically in casters and wheels, and at my age I would simply like to enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

Mr. Philip Aubin did confirm, however, that there will be no other changes to the corporate structure of the company, and that his replacement, Stefanie Aubin Price, will be announced publicly later this year, or early next year. “Stefanie Aubin Price has been with Aubin Industries, Inc. for over 22 years and her former title was Vice President, so everything will be a smooth transition moving forward and business will continue as usual.”

Mr. Philip Aubin is looking forward to being able to travel with his wife of 50 years and enjoy life without a hectic work schedule. After founding Aubin Industries, Inc. he created dynamic innovative designs which lead to nine patents that he currently holds. His ingenuity and genius will be felt in many industries for many years to come. Philip Aubin commented that he has enjoyed every minute of designing and engineering, and bringing new products to the markets, he will cherish those memories for years to come.