January 25, 2010

Tracy, Calif. Aubin Industries Inc produces an “Anti-Static” wheel product. This means that our wheel will not produce static charge during operation. ESD wheels represent an “Electro Static Discharge” wheel, or in other words “conductive” wheels, which we do not produce.

We have supplied our “Anti-Static” product to different electronic companies who have tested these wheels and have said that they work well in their environments. We do not have the capacity to test for ESD compatibility, therefore your customer would have to conduct their own testing to insure that our product will work. If there are any further questions please feel free contact Aubin Industries Inc. To download a pdf copy, click here.

About Aubin Industries Inc
Established in 1994. Aubin Industries is a manufacturer of ergonomic wheels and casters. Our patented products and innovative technology are rapidly positioning Aubin Industries as the leader of groundbreaking ergonomic solutions for manual and assisted mobile systems. Through individualized problem solving we are able to design specialized solutions to fit your needs. For more information about Aubin Industries Inc and its solutions, please visit